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[Originally published on August 2018]

burrowlog #9

Here it is: the season finale! Xochy comes back from her trip just in time for the drama, which Metzi gets to witness first-hand due to her new job! Overall this is a very chill story, so I tried to insert this more intense scene in a way that didn’t feel jarring. I hope I succeeded!

I was really excited to get to the Grace/Nonna café scene ever since I first started writing the comic. I knew from the beginning that it had to be the climax of the season, both to set-up Grace’s arc for the rest of the comic and to have a big moment that unites the burrowmates in a real way. I like to think this is the moment Xochy and Metzi actually become friends with Grace, who up till now was kind of the odd one out.

If you’re wondering what Grace and Nonna’s relationship was like, that’s definitely something that will come up in the new season, so you can look forward to that.

Oh, and here's a bonus "deleted scene" mini-comic I made to promote it back in the day:

See you next week!

-- mariano gg (sep 2022)