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[S1E8] Sweater Simulator

[Originally published on February 2018]

burrowlog #8

Okay so. Once upon a time, I wanted to be a video game developer, or in other words, I wanted to make interactive art. I would probably need to watch a lot of tutorials if I tried to make a game now, but I learned enough of the basics when that was one of my goals. So, the thing here that I’m afraid maybe doesn’t come across is that Grace re-used a bunch of assets to make Sweater Simulator, assets that are a lot more personal than what a fun yarn-based platformer would need.

I liked this as a metaphor for pent-up emotions that can hide in plain sight in otherwise unrelated art. Grace doesn’t want to talk about how she feels, but it’ll always come out whether she wants it to or not. This is part of why I chose Xochy to be the one to go on vacation, because Metzi isn’t going to make her talk about stuff, and I needed this to be a set-up for the next episode (the season finale).

-- mariano gg (sep 2022)