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[S1E7] Ideal Beach Bud

[Originally published on November 2017]

burrowlog #7

This is the closest burrowmates ever got to having A Very Special Episode, despite my efforts not to give it that vibe. Xochy, Metzi and Grace all have self-esteem issues that manifest in different ways, and while I did want to show how sometimes it’s hard to be comfortable with your body in a beach context, I think if I gave this another shot I’d structure it a lot differently.

What I still like a lot about this ep is how I think I captured a conversation between a very practical sister and a very emotional one. Clara loves Xochy and wants to help her have a good time, but all she can think of is what works for her, which is “that doesn’t make sense, you should stop feeling that way.” I’ve definitely been on both sides of that exchange.

The deer boy is actually supposed to be a pudú, which is a small South American deer species. He does have a name and everything but at this point I realized I was introducing a new character every single episode, so I decided not to give him much importance yet. Or ever?? You decide!

-- mariano gg (sep 2022)