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[S1E6] The Burrowlady

[Originally published on November 2017]

burrowlog #6

The concept of three animals being roommates in a tree stump just turns funnier to me when someone else “owns” that tree stump. Without giving too much away, I think of Polly not exactly as an antagonist, but definitely as an annoying presence in Xochy, Metzi and Grace’s lives, which is why I wanted to introduce her as early as possible. As it’s implied here, she and Grace used to be close (and in Polly’s mind they still are), and Polly still genuinely cares about Grace’s wellbeing. However, she doesn’t see how that’s in conflict with asking her to pay rent.

I knew I wanted her to be a small domestic dog of some kind, because of how territorial and fussy they can be. She went through very different iterations in the months before I started sketching this episode (a poodle mini toy, a shih tzu, and a schnauzer, to name a few). In the end I just looked at my pet chihuahua and her behavior, and I knew it was a perfect fit.

-- mariano gg (aug 2022)