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[S1E5] Sis and Desist

[Originally published on August 2017]

burrowlog #5

This is the summer season, and so naturally I wanted to have a beach episode. This episode is the set-up for that. However, Marzipan Grove doesn’t have a beach (excluding the lake that I’ve yet to include in any burrowmates story) so I had to get at least one of them out of there.

Xochy is the burrowmate who’s closest with her family, or at least whose family was the most present in her life before she moved to Marzipan Grove. She has many sisters, but I wanted to introduce Clara as early as possible. She’s the opposite of Xochy in many ways, colder and sharper, with a more practical look of life.

I remember this is one of the episodes I had the most fun making. Writing the phone conversation and drawing the different expressions for Clara was great. I came up with Sienna from Accounting on the spot, and I still hope to make some Clara and Sienna spin-off episodes someday. We’ll see!

-- mariano gg (aug 2022)