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[S1E4] Feels Organic

[Originally published on July 2017]

burrowlog #4

I’ve said before that burrowmates is basically a sitcom, so it’s important to explore the different character combinations and what their dynamic is like. At the start of the story, Xochy and Metzi are longtime friends, and Grace and Metzi are online friends. Xochy and Grace are getting to know each other for the first time, so that’s what felt more urgent to me.

Xochy and Metzi are a typical “odd couple” comedy duo, and there’s a familiarity to that, so in some ways her personality feels more at odds with Grace’s. However, I wanted them to have a slightly awkward but nice start to their friendship. If she was hanging out with Metzi, she’d have an impulse to be cheerful, but with Grace she can talk more about her worries or bad moods. Then, Grace’s emotionally mature side can come through.

I also wanted to start hinting at Xochy's life before Marzipan Grove, which will come into play later. All three burrowmates had very different family lives growing up, which is something I'm excited to get into in the new season. Xochy is the one we learn the most about in SUMMER, though. If this is your first time here, you get to meet one of her sisters next week!

-- mariano gg (aug 2022)