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[S1E3] Spoonful of Something

[Originally published on February 2017]

burrowlog #3

My self-pitch for this episode was “what does a normal day in the burrow look like?” At the time, I was still thinking about the versions of these characters I made when I was a kid. The perfect cupcakes used to be Xochy’s running gag, while witchcraft used to be Metzi’s main thing instead of writing. Grace stealing the neighbor’s wi-fi password is there because she used to be more of a hacker type character.

If I wrote an episode about a typical burrow day now (which I’ll inevitably do at some point), it would be completely different. It would most likely be longer, and I’d show more of what Xochy and Grace are doing. Still, it’s funny to see the sides of the characters I was interested in showing at the time. I always forget about Metzi being a witch. I think I just wanted to incorporate witches because I love them, but I guess I have met that need with other projects now.

I think of this as the real Episode 1 in some ways, because in the end this is what the comic is all about. I like to insert drama, but I’ll always come back to the chill, silly times at the burrow.

-- mariano gg (aug 2022)