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[S1E1] Getting There

[Originally published on September 2016]

burrowlog #1

When I was a kid, I mostly played with animal plush toys. Two of my favorite ones were a pink bunny and a gray raccoon. They were around the same size and proportions, and I guess I was drawn to the contrast between them: the raccoon looked so serious and sarcastic, while the bunny looked full of big emotions. They fit well together, and I would later recognize the personalities I assigned to them as a classic comedy duo format.

The stories I imagined for them weren’t (usually) anything higher-than-life or action-oriented. Usually it was just interpersonal everyday drama that can lead to laughs (e.g. the bunny wants to go to a party but the raccoon hates parties, or the raccoon invites the bunny to dinner but the food is literally garbage). This was also what I looked for in the cartoons and comics I liked.

Fast-forward to my last couple of years of university, and I was itching to start a personal webcomic project. I came up with a couple “epic” concepts, but as I actually drew them I found that my heart wasn’t really in it. I realized what I actually wanted to make was a sitcom, and so that’s basically what burrowmates is.

-- mariano gg (aug 2022)

P.S. Initially, I was going to write about what I would do differently if I was making this episode today, but then I remembered I basically did that as one of my storyboard samples a few months ago. So, like, check that out, I guess.