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[BONUS] Feedback

[Originally published on December 2018]

burrowlog #10

Congrats! You found the HIDDEN BONUS EPISODE of burrowmates. It wasn't particularly well-hidden, but you still get bragging rights.

This is the last burrowlog for a while. If you guys liked these and are interested in me adding more of my thoughts to the comic in the future, let me know!

The stand-out in this episode is of course Lina Water Dragon (a Chinese species of lizard, not an actual dragon). The first non-mammal with a speaking part in the comic, she's one of my favorite characters to draw and write, and I can't wait to reintroduce her soon.

As 2018 readers may remember, this was the original premiere episode for AUTUMN, and the last episode before the big hiatus. By the end of SUMMER, Metzi is kind of the burrowmate the audience knows least, so in a way I wanted to make AUTUMN "The Metzi Season." However, I also wanted to continue Grace's arc and kickstart a different Xochy one. I found it difficult to do that in a satisfying way in less than 10 short episodes, a structure that I was very stubborn about keeping the same.

The 2022 version of AUTUMN is different in a lot of ways, because I decided that actually it doesn't matter if I shake things up a bit. Hope you like it! See you next week, for real this time!

-- mariano gg (sep 2022)